A quick tutorial how to set up obs-studio

Obs-studio is a tool to stream your desktop, sound, webcam, … to youtube and chat with your followers of your channel.

Read more about it on Open Broadcaster Software at https://obsproject.com.


I added the “Automatically record when streaming”.

You need to get your own personal stream key from your channel.

Still need to test out in what format I would like to record. For now I keep it in flv.

1 hour of streaming is 1.5GB.
This file is a sort of backup. Since you are streaming to Youtube. If all goes well you do not need it.

In the future I will experiment with this setting and re-edit.

Changed the audio device to my headset. – DIFFERS FROM VIDEO

I forgot to change the OUTPUT (scaled) resolution. So make sure that you set this one correct.

I did not touch the other settings.

Obs-studio test on February 2021


Arch Linux Calamares Installer