Add your personal aliases to bashrc the smart way

Since we always use skel to copy/paste the files from /etc/skel to your home directory, the bashrc is overwritten every time.

We have now included the following lines to the .bashrc.

[[ -f ~/.bashrc-personal ]] && . ~/.bashrc-personal

If you create a file on your home directory with the name .bashrc-personal and add your personal aliases to that file, these aliases will be added.

So update your system in order to have the latest arcolinux-root-git package.

Then type skel.

You will get the new .bashrc in.

Your own .bashrc gets overwritten.

You can now logout or reboot or use the alias cb to source the new .bashrc and by consequence the .bashrc-personal.

Your .bash-personal file will never be overwritten by ArcoLinux scripts

The use of .bashrc-latest was abandoned. You may still see them in old videos and/or images.

It does not exist anymore.