Are you typing iso in the terminal and nothing happens – dev-rel and lsb-release

Starting from the September release of 2020 we went rolling and stopped using ‘versions’.

Users mistakenly thought that the version was THE indicator to know if the operating system was up-to-date.

The version number is arbitrary. It is just a text file anyone can change to any version they like.

So the new ‘version’ is now rolling like Arch Linux.

At the same time we introduced some kind of reference for ourselves.

Knowing what iso a user starts with can help us analyze what issue a user has and find a solution.

A new file /etc/dev-rel and a new alias ‘iso’ were created for that reason.

Possible text for the /etc/dev-rel file

ISO_BUILD=Wed 15 Jul 2020 01:23:01 PM CEST