Get your arcolinux-iso from
with git clone

You just want XFCE and nothing more.

 BYOI procedure

  1. git clone
  2. change packages.both to only include XFCE packages NOT openbox and NOT i3
  3. run script 30
  4. Three times “y”
  5. test iso in virtualbox

Packages.both must be edited

At the bottom we include the packages.both. We will keep updating packages.both in time. It will differ from the video in the future.

We hashtagged out tint2 and nitrogen later as well. AFTER building the iso. Both applications are really for openbox.

We added arcolinux-pipemenus-git later to have the conky’s back.

Help us improve the iso and give us feedback.
Everyone is a betatester at any point in time when you BYOI.

Content of Packages.both