Calamares – all you need to know

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Did Calamares crash?

Start by ensuring your hard disk or SSD is completely wiped using Gparted, then restart the installation process from scratch. Opt for the advanced installation if preferred.

If the installation still fails, switch to the EASY installation method and again, make sure your hard disk or SSD is cleared with Gparted to remove any remnants of previous installation attempts.

If you continue to face issues, please share the URL provided by Calamares with us on Discord so we can assist you further.

Easy installation offers an “on the beach” experience, meaning it’s completely offline—no internet is needed. This method avoids server issues, key authentication problems, network instability, and Pacman conflicts since everything is installed from a local source.

The advanced installation process requires an online connection, as it depends on accessing internet resources. This approach is subject to potential issues that are beyond our control, including server reliability, key authentication problems, network stability, package conflicts within Pacman, restrictions based on geographic location, and firewall settings. These variables can influence the installation experience when you’re connected to the internet.

Easy installation always works

Then later use the ATT and Sofirem for the rest or start writing your own arcolinux-nemesis scripts.

Gparted at work

How does one start with a clean slate?