Can raindrop be an alternative for xmarks

On 1st of May 2018 we have to say good-bye to a friend. A service that was running silently in the background.

Xmarks is a bookmark manager that will sync your bookmarks across browsers and operating systems.

I have been testing out several alternatives and reading lots of blogs and I have made my choice (I hope a good one). is my choice to save the bulk of my bookmarks. The bookmarks that I will use only once in a month or even less.

It has only one level of folders in the free version. Nested folders are for the premium version. Until now I have no need for it. There are also extra extensions in the different browsers you can try out. Personally the way I re-organized myself there is no need for it.

One of the things I will do in the future is add more tags so it is easier to search for articles that are similar.

The rest of the bookmarks, that I am always using on a daily basis, are now synced to the cloud accounts of the browsers. As a general rule – these bookmarks will almost never change.

Firefox will sync your bookmarks to the account. Make a firefox account.
Vivaldi-snapshot will sync your bookmarks to the account. Make a vivaldi account.
Chromium and Google chrome will sync your bookmarks to the account. Use your gmail account.

That is how I will try to overcome the passing away of my friend.

Raindrop app on an android smartphone

Raindrop app on APPLE DEVICES