15 new lock themes to test out

The themes to lock your system in Openbox, Xfce and i3 will grow in the future.
Archmerge-slimlock-themes-git package will supply a new configuration file you can/should check out i.e.


All the new themes will be put in the folder /usr/share/slim/themes.

Check out the differences between these two files with meld or just copy/paste the contents from slim.conf.arcolinuxnew into slim.conf.

  • /etc/slim.conf
  • /etc/slim.conf.arcolinuxnew

Slim.conf is the configuration file that will change your lock theme.

With these keyboard shortcuts you can lock your system.

  • XFCE  – Super + l
  • Openbox – Super + l
  • i3 – Super + x and then k

Delete the hashtag in front of the line to activate a theme or make the lock theme random.