Changing your shell from bash to zsh and back – any desktop

Our systems have Bash as our standard shell.

We could change to Zsh as shell. You can find the Zsh website here, the github hereĀ and the themes here.

What do you install to have zsh?

It all depends on the iso you start with Arch Linux, ArcoLinux, ArcoLinuxD or ArcoLinuxB.

ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxB users can skip all the installations and just start using our aliases tobash and tozsh to switch.

If you have started with ArcoLinuxD orĀ  Arch Linux you are missing packages and aliases.

sudo pacman -S zsh
sudo pacman -S zsh-completions
sudo pacman -S zsh-syntax-highlighting 
sudo pacman -S arcolinux-zsh-git
sudo pacman -S oh-my-zsh-git

The content of the package arcolinux-zsh-git will be installed in /etc/skel. In that folder you will find the file .zshrc.

Make sure you copy that to your homefolder.

After installing all these packages you are set to switch to Zsh. These things are needed on ArcoLinuxD or Arch Linux.

Switching to Zsh is done via the alias “tozsh“.
In the same way we can switch back to Bash with “tobash“.

And then you log out and you will see a different shell in neofetch.

The prompt will be changing because of the package oh-my-zsh-git that is coming from the AUR.

We show you how Zsh reacts if you want to install packages such as zsh-completions.

We show you how the syntax highlighting works.

cb is not present in Zsh
cz is present in Zsh

alias tozsh

alias tozsh="sudo chsh $USER -s /bin/zsh && echo 'Now log out.'"

alias tobash

alias tobash="sudo chsh $USER -s /bin/bash && echo 'Now log out.'"

Complete git commands and learn

Complete pacman commands and learn

Complete pacman commands and learn

Complete pacman commands and learn

The Zsh theme is set to random.
Everytime a surprise or change it to one specific one