Discord is there to chat with the ArcoLinux team, ArcoLinux Betatesters and the ArcoLinux users

No need to install discord
Log into the website

If you want to get in touch with other ArcoLinux users or with the ArcoLinux Team you can now use Discord.

Help others or be helped by others – it goes two ways

Discord will work on your android phone, android tablet, iphone, ipad, windows, mac and ofcourse linux system.

You can install discord via the terminal

sudo pacman -S discord


Then you need to make an account so register or login if you already have an account.

To become part of our arcolinux server you need an invite. That can be found here.

We obviously want only the ArcoLinux users to become member.

Same rules apply here as on our other social media.

Often it boils down to one word : RESPECT.

Archived video

Playlist on Youtube :  Communication Applications