Everything you need to know about Sofirem

Why did we develop it?

Users asked for the list of the Calamares packages after rebooting.

The selection of applications is based on the selection of Calamares.

Need more packages then you use the terminal, gnome-software, pamac or discover on Plasma.

What can you do with Sofirem?

  • install packages with a toggle
  • remove packages (including dependencies) with a toggle
  • add ArcoLinux keyring
  • add ArcoLinux mirrorlist
  • search for tags and names
  • display package version
  • display package progress or not
  • open pacman log file
  • show installed packages
  • explore ArcoLinux ISO packages
  • open package search
  • personal settings in ~/.config/sofirem
  • log files in /var/log/sofirem/