install the desktops

Screenshot of the last version

Tabs to the left are always visible
they will function in the right desktop

Two common mistakes

  1. update your system with ‘update’ in a terminal
  2. update your mirrors with ‘mirror’ in a terminal

More info in video


Launch the arcolinux-tweak-tool from a terminal

oblogout has been abandoned

slimlock has been abandoned


Desktop installer

More packages have been added to the list of the desktops.

Some package conflicts can be safely avoided. When selecting Budgie, Catfish is removed from your system.

Other packages conflicts can not be avoided.

Deepin conflicts with Budgie in two packages – clutter and cogl because of Arch Linux packaging.
We want you to be aware and responsible to make that choice. We will not automate this in the ATT.

If you want Deepin together with other desktops then there are two options:

Option 1: install Deepin first

Option 2: install Deepin via terminal and choose to say ‘yes’.

sudo pacman -S deepin deepin-extra


Grub Config


Lightdm Config

Neofetch config

Pacman Config

Termite themes

If arcolinux-termite-themes is not installed (ArcoLinuxD or Arch Linux) you will get a button to install it.

Theme changer AWESOME

If you are not on i3 or awesome, you will get the message that you will be able to use that tab to change themes if you are on either desktop.

Theme changer i3wm


If you are not on zsh, you will get the message that you will be able to use that tab if you change your shell.

The tab only shows IF you are on zsh and not on bash or anything else.

Here you learn how to switch your shell to zsh or back to bash. 

Playlist on youtube

ABandoned – not in use anymore

We have our own ArcoLinux application to logout or lock our system i.e. arcolinux-logout-git.

If you keep the packages, ATT will show the tabs. However we will NOT develop or maintain them anymore.

Oblogout Config – abandoned

Slimlock – abandoned