Expand Sardi and Surfn icons with 10 Mint-Y folder icons

When visiting Linux Mint 19.1 I discovered you can get folder color variations on the Arc theme from horst3180. Specifically the icons for the filemanagers interested me.

You can already install the Mint-Y icons from aur today with

yay -S mint-y-icons-git

I worked on that particular pkgbuild to make my what if.

What if I can add the folders of Mint-Y to the Sardi icons or the Surfn icons.

That would give us 10 extra colors for the folders times 7 icon themes = 70 choices

  1. aqua
  2. blue
  3. brown
  4. grey
  5. orange
  6. pink
  7. purple
  8. red
  9. sand
  10. teal

Now you can install these icons from the AUR – meaning any Arch Linux based distro can install them.

ArcoLinux users will get the icons from our repo with pacman or yay.
Super fast and pre-build.

yay sardi mint

Choose a number and install.

yay -S surfn-mint-y-icons-git

For my ease and comfort I have added installation scripts and an uninstall script to this github.