Fixing the pkgbuild of spotify or any other application

The AUR is a place where all the pkgbuilds are kept for many interesting applications. They are maintained by you and me so regular users. In this case on 1st April 2018 the maintainer is on holiday. In the meantime the developers from spotify deleted a file on the repository and added a new version. 

Now we can not install spotify from the AUR until the maintainer is back from holiday or can we do something ourselves?

Yes you can edit the pkgbuild yourself and change it so you can install spotify today.

Two videos to choose from 

video 1 : learn, analyze and use that knowledge for future errors of any application

video 2 : just install spotify

The pkgbuild we use in the video can be found on pastebin.

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Applications coming from THE AUR
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Want to quickly install spotify
 then check out this video