latest version 

You will find the latest version and link
on the official channel on discord.
One place to maintain – One place to update

Copy/pasting can be fun and it is a good way to start.

We welcome you to re-use our work.

Over the years the numbers will increase
the name will stay the same
follow discord official channel
we will communicate
like this

After any of my clean installations – nothing of the former installation is kept – I will sync up my cloud services and get it all back.

Just one partition, just root and no swap – choices, choices  – linux is about making choices – you choose what you like.

I will follow the link, unzip the file and delete it. Then I will choose what to run depending how long I intend to keep the ssd.

  • bare
  • minimal
  • full

Check the scripts.
Read the scripts.
Change the scripts.
Make them your scripts.

Make your own nemesis github and let the post-installation start. Tutorials about github are here.

In under 15 minutes all software was installed – the rest of the time the applications are syncing the files and folders from the cloud but I am up and running.