How do you develop polybar modules – any desktop

In this video we show you how to create 3 modules for polybar.

  1.  pamac – updates and pamac-manager
  2. discord
  3. variety

This is not only for Xmonad.

Polybar is used on any desktop.
ArcoLinux uses them on Bspwm and Xmonad.
You can use them on i3 and openbox as well.

We are developing xmonad further so in the meantime you hear what we are working on.

We start with a copy/paste from another modules and see what we can use and what can change.

The most fun is actually looking for a nice icon on this webpage :

We copy/paste it over from the website and then figure out what we can do with the application variety

variety -h

and you choose what your application can do.

Discord is not that difficult. You just need to send it to be background with an &. In the meantime a right mouse click will kill Discord.

We explain you the HOW you make a script with the example of pamac


In the meantime the code of these modules will have changed.

The development goes on.