We just installed polybar application and the ArcoLinux polybar configuration from this article and we will switch from xfce to i3.

To start polybar we need to edit the file ~/.config/i3/config and search (CTRL + F) for the word polybar. We show you how to open it with Atom. Starting from ArchMerge 6.3.1 Atom is installed. It was a great tool to make polybar and that is why it is on the iso. We will show you how to add more functionality in Atom like pigments and minimap in one of the next video’s.

We have changed the i3 configuration file to have an extra line for polybar. Make sure this line is in there if you did not update it yet. Updates of i3 can be found in /etc/skel.

This is the correct code. Get rid of the hashtag before the polybar line.

exec_always --no-startup-id ~/.config/polybar/launch.sh &

We show you as well how to get rid of the conky that starts up with i3.

When we log out and log back in polybar will be launched.

Then we delete the bottom bar in i3. All text between  bar { …. } has to be deleted. Take a backup before you do. Remember that there is also an i3 config in /etc/skel.