How to autostart any application on any Linux desktop

Many desktop environments give you a tool to set applications to autostart like xfce, cinnamon, mate, etc… but some of them do not like window tiling managers (often in the configs) or like Deepin.

We may just not have found the application on Deepin but I am going to use this desktop environment to explain how to autostart any application on any Linux desktop.

2 examples in the video 

  1. create your own .desktop file
  2. copy/paste a .desktop file

1 create your own .desktop file

You need to have one file in your ~/.config/autostart telling the system to autostart an application.

  1. move to your ~/.config/autostart
  2. make a .desktop file
  3. copy/paste the code in – see beneath
  4. change the exec line
[Desktop Entry]

2. copy/paste a .desktop file

Go to /usr/share/applications and copy/paste the desired application in your ~/.config/autostart


3. use the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool

Follow some simple steps to autocreate the .desktop file via ATT.