How to change the position and size of a conky

Changing the size and position of a conky is possible.

First you need to know what conky you want to change. Then choose an appropriate editor.

We are on the look out for this code.


 alignment = 'middle_right', 
 --Arch Duoscreen
 --gap_x = -1910,
 gap_x = 10, 
 gap_y = 20, 
 minimum_height = 600, 
 minimum_width = 230, 
 maximum_width = 230,

We change all the variables in the video and you will see the effect instantly.

If you have a dualscreen and want the conky to be on your second screen then use : gap_x = -1910,


There is also a tutorial about the resizing the conky by changing the font or deleting lines.

General conky info

A conky will NEVER EVER work on all desktops.

There are just too much differences between all the different window managers.

It will also depend on the software you have installed.

There are two versions of the application called ‘conky’.

  1. version 1.9 and earlier – old syntax
  2. version 1.10 and higher  – new syntax – LUA (and old syntax)

We install the application conky-lua-archers (1.10) on ArcoLinux

Options to explore when encountering issues :

  • own_window_type = ‘desktop’,          # options are: normal/override/dock/desktop/panel
  • own_window_transparent = true,     # options are : true and false
  • own_window_argb_visual = true,     # options are : true and false
  • own_window_argb_value = 0,           # options are : 0-255

More information about conkies can be found here :

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