How to deactivate the transparency in i3 and openbox

Compton is a compositor for Openbox and i3. It will take care of transparency and shadows on your system. It ‘beautifies’ your system. But sometimes you need to take a picture and you rather not see the background coming through. How can I do this?

Openbox has a menu to deactivate the compositor (compton). That is one way of deactivating it.

You can type “killall compton” in the terminal.

Or you can set the compton file to never show any transparency ever again.


Tip: i3 and openbox have a separate compton.conf file! Experiment with it.




Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember

SuperĀ  + Keypad numbers

Tile your windows any way you want

Here is a tutorial on a dual screen. I change three settings and we get a completely differen feel on i3. We will change the settings in ~/.config/i3/compton.conf.

  • menu-opacity
  • inactive-opacity
  • fading