How to fix the logo of neofetch after a lsb-release update

Every now and again we receive an update from the application lsb-release. It will overwrite the code that is written on your system in the file /etc/lsb-release with its own.

Neofetch uses this file to determine on what system it has been installed and will show the appropriate ascii logo. In this case we get an Arch logo.

Change the code back to the original code with a copy/paste.

In the video we show you where you can find the code on the github.

Copy/paste this code in /etc/lsb-release.

Check manually if the release and codename are updated  in the future. Written June 2018 and updated in Nov 2019.

 Distrubtion release is the current number the iso carries like 20.1.1 aka year 2020 , month January, release 1.