How to fix virtualbox freezing up on kernel 4.17.2 – June 2018

This solution is interesting now June 2018 but will be void in the future. Updates for either VirtualBox and or the kernel to solve the freezing issue will be coming soon.

Updating from kernel
4.16.2 to 4.17.2
gives us issues

We suspect the kernel and the Virtualbox additions are no longer compatible and the virtualbox additions need to be updated.

Extra interesting topics in the video

In the video I say it is a kernel issue… it is more a virtualbox issue. We actually need updates for VirtualBox to be able to work on the latest kernel.

Alternative solution – tested on ArcoLinuxB Openbox

Edit /etc/pacman.conf and add this line

IgnorePkg   =   linux virtualbox-guest-modules-arch

And then do your updates.