How to install and set any cursor theme

Where to download cursor themes?

The AUR or Arch User Repository includes already the best of cursor themes out there.

Type the following text in your terminal

yay cursor
paru cusor
trizen cursor

Choose a number and install it.

It will be installed in /usr/share/icons.

Or you find yourself another source like

In the video we are going to test out this cursor Oxygen Neon.

You need to extract the file and put it into your ~/.icons or create the folder, if you do not have it. There must be a dot in front of the word icons.

Where to set your cursor

Depending on the desktop you are using, you need to set your cursor via different applications.

We are on Xfce and there is an icon in Xfce settings to set your cursor : mouse and touchpad


But there are also other applications and many other desktops including Tiling Window Managers.

They will often change the settings in two files




and there is also an icon theme set as default in ArcoLinux.

Check this folder /usr/share/icons/default 

You will find the file index.theme with this content (fix for mouse in plasma changing all the time)

[Icon Theme]

Standard it is set to Bibata-Modern-Ice. If you want an other cursor EVERYWHERE, you need to change this one too.

On 05/10/2020 the developer changed the name of Bibata_Ice to Bibata-Modern-Ice.

Depending on the desktop you look for applications to change the cursor. Check the files mentioned above and change the settings manually, if needed.

Check also lxappearance to set the cursor.

Other systems like for example Gnome, BudgieCinnamon and Mate store the setting in the ~/.config/dconf folder. Set the cursor via the settings of the desktop.

Plasma saves it settings in the ~/.local folder. You will find a icons folder in there.

Sometimes we set the cursor theme within the configuration file of a Tiling Window Manager.



At some point we changed our default cursor from


I create a pkgbuild for the Arch Linux Community

Manjaro, antergos, … all can use it

AUR = Arch User Repository – User is someone like you and me. We show you what to read and what to do if you want to make your own recipe to install a cursor theme oxy-neon. I do not show how to put this pkgbuild on the AUR. That will be for later.

This cursor theme can now be installed via

Since the downlink from the video is never going to be a static one, I will host this file and any future files on my personal github:

Using the download link from github the source will remain stable to be used in the pkgbuild.

Read the final pkgbuild here :

Name change from Bibata_Ice to Bibata-Modern-Ice

Sometimes your cursor is set via the local ~/.icons folder

change it also there or remove it

TIP : remove all the cursors you do not want