How to install nvidia drivers on ArcoLinux – November 2017

We do not need to install the nvidia drivers per se. We can but there is no must. Unless you experience problems with your display when working or gaming.

Many of the hardware display cards are supported by the nouveau driver i.e. opensource driver.

In this tutorial we will install the nvidia driver or the proprietary driver.

First we need to know what hardware we have to decide what driver to install.

Then we analyze what driver number we need. we will find that on the nvidia website.

Then we install the driver with pacman.

Remember this command

lspci -v

Depending on your neofetch settings you see the name of the card there as well. And we have also System Profiler and Benchmark.

After a reboot we go check if we are now using the nvidia drivers with

lspci -v

No such luck.

Here is a link for troubleshooting.