How to install Samba on Plasma

Our script works on the mainstream filemanagers and their desktops.

caja – Mate

nautilus – Gnome and Budgie

dolphin – Plasma

nemo – Cinnamon

thunar – Xfce4, Openbox and all TWMs

deepin-file-manager – Deepin

There are more videos and articles about Samba here.

This article is about installing Samba on ArcoLinux or Arch Linux.

After running this script(s) you will be able to share any directory in your home folder with any of the members in your home network. That is what SAMBA is all about.

Check out what we deliver with our package arcolinux-bin-git.

You will find the samba scripts in this folder


We have these files:

140-install-samba that will install and activate samba – any desktop – ArcoLinux and Arch Linux

150-install-network-discovery that will allow you to see other computers in the network – any desktop – ArcoLinux and Arch Linux

This was already documented in the previous videos.

install-samba-user-shares-for-every-desktop is the new script.

Do not see any of these files, install this package:

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-bin-git

After running our scripts we have a new tab when we right click on a folder when we ask its properties.

Other filemanagers will have a separate line in the context menu to share.

In this new tab we tell how to share this folder. We can give it a name and allow certain people with the different permissions.

These settings will be reloaded after a reboot.


Underneath you will find a video about the script itself.

We would like that you think out of the box if you encounter issues.

Our improvement for samba shares on Plasma
comes from an article written for
Fedora 23.

Navigating from Plasma to other computers in the network