The motto of ArcoLinux is Learn, have fun and enjoy. So here it goes. We install steam via the terminal. You can use gnome-software as well for that. On what desktop you install it does not matter.

You will need a login and password for steam and it will ask a second password so that machine is considered safe and then you can install all the Linux games on your computer.


Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember

SUPER + T … CTRL + ALT+ T … Super + Enter

Launch your terminal

Report on how we can improve our distro on the forum. This is a tip from Nailed, member of our forum.

The fonts are a “bit off” he tells us in Steam. You will get a better result if you install the microsoft core fonts.

Result : will be included in next release!

Arch Linux has announced that they will no longer support 32 bits. I wondered beginning January 2018 if there were issues as one ArchMerger seemed to have issues to install steam.

Installation went well.

ArcOLINUX 6.6.1 Steam
Lara Craft GO

ArcOLINUX 6.6.1 Steam

ArchMerge 6.4.1 Steam
ARK : Survival Evolved

ArchMerge 6.4.1 Steam
Counter strike
Global offensive