The motto of ArcoLinux is Learn, have fun and enjoy. So here it goes. We install steam via the terminal. You can use gnome-software as well for that. On what desktop you install it does not matter.

You will need a login and password for steam and it will ask a second password so that machine is considered safe and then you can install all the Linux games on your computer.


Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember

SUPER + T … CTRL + ALT+ T … Super + Enter

Launch your terminal

Report on how we can improve our distro on the forum. This is a tip from Nailed, member of our forum.

The fonts are a “bit off” he tells us in Steam. You will get a better result if you install the microsoft core fonts.

yay -S ttf-ms-fonts

Result : will be included in next release!

Arch Linux has announced that they will no longer support 32 bits. I wondered beginning January 2018 if there were issues as one ArchMerger seemed to have issues to install steam.

Installation went well.

yay -S steam
yay -S steam-native-runtime

ArcOLINUX 6.6.1 Steam
Lara Craft GO

ArcOLINUX 6.6.1 Steam

ArchMerge 6.4.1 Steam
ARK : Survival Evolved

ArchMerge 6.4.1 Steam
Counter strike
Global offensive