Normally people are on the linux kernel. You can find the information via neofetch or via pamac like we showed you in the video.

All the knowledge is coming from the Arch Wiki.

When we figured out what to do, we store that knowledge in our ArcoLinux githubs. We make a script to install virtualbox so we do not have to figure in out again in a few months.

You can find all our scripts on our github at We constantly work on the scripts. The content of the scripts will differ from the video at some point in time.

There are applications out there that are quite difficult to install. We figure it out and put it in a script. So if you can not install an application, check out the github.

When you are working on Linux kernel
sudo pacman -S virtualbox
sudo pacman -S virtualbox-host-modules-arch
sudo pacman -S linux-headers
When you are working on Linux-lTS kernel
sudo pacman -S virtualbox
sudo pacman -S virtualbox-host-dkms
sudo pacman -S linux-lts-headers
Motherboard setting
Share folder between host and guest
You can share a folder between the host operating system (video Plasma) and the guest operating system (video ArcoLinux). In this manner you can share files and folders between two operating systems. Alternatives are usb’s and cloud services.

Host is the operating system (OS) that is running on your computer.

Guest is the OS that is running inside virtualbox.


  1. Share Public folder in the settings of virtualbox – point to Public folder on your host
  2. Install virtualbox-guest-utils inside the guest OS (already installed normally)
  3. mount the shared folder with this command inside the guest OS
sudo mount -t vboxsf -o rw,uid=1000,gid=1000 Public /home/$USER/Public

Depending on your version you might have already the alias “vbm” to mount your folder.

You are ready to test it out.

Seeing this – just reboot
What are my current settings of VirtualBox
July 2018

USE snapshot
to revert back to 
a previous state

VIRTUalbox on windows 10
proper settings
install arcolinux
Follow the video to see what I do to install virtualbox on your W10 machine (1803). Solving the issue of seeing only 32 bits in the dropdown by just rebooting.

Creating a template for later – use the proper settings.
Installing ArcoLinux.

VIRTUalbox on windows 10
another example
Arcolinux 19.5 and virtual box 6.0.8

HOw to use virtualbox —

Read all about their way of using virtualbox on their website @

Virtualbox only showing 32 bits
Read all about this issue of virtualbox on Windows on this website @

VirtualBox: Diagnose and fix ‘VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration’ errors