How to install zsh on ArcoLinux(D) tips tricks and theming

Zsh is an alternative to bash. Check out the Arch wiki first.

We have a script to install zsh. But not only zsh also other features that are need to have like

  • zsh-completions
  • oh-my-zsh
  • zsh-syntax-hightlighting

Command not found has been abandoned in Feb 2018.

You will find it on all githubs :

After running the script you need to change the shell with this command

sudo chsh erik -s /bin/zsh

Change erik to your loginname.


Then we reboot and check out our terminal.

We need to get the aliases from our .bashrc and copy/paste them into .zshrc.

We reload the .zshrc with the command source.


Making sure the latest bashrc aliases are in your zshrc too

Getting back to bash if you are tired of using zsh is done like this

sudo chsh erik -s /bin/bash