We have created a template for the future stayrolling scripts.

It is a good occasion to explain how to create your own scripts.

1. Create a file and name it somename.sh
2. Make it executable.

chmod +x somename.sh

3. Add the shebang to the file.


4. Then you start scripting.


We learn about pacman -R, pacman -S, –noconfirm, –needed.

We create our script and test it out.

Next up we analyze the template we will use in the future.

The goal is to avoid people saying there is an error when pacman is trying to removing something that is already removed.

For this reason we have created a function that gives us some information with some coloring for the user.

A function is always defined at the top of your script. When you call for the function, bash should already know the function.

We give examples how the function works and how the if then works.

Information about functions in bash.

Information about if then else fi in bash.

Sed command is not explained in the video. Maybe later I will explain it.