How to make your terminal sexy again any distro any terminal

You can install any terminal you want. There are so many terminals out there. You just need to make a choice.

Just a few terminals out there  in random order : Gnome Terminal, Guake, iTerm2, Konsole, Terminator, Termite, XFCE4 terminal, …

Just google “the best linux terminal” or follow this link to see more terminals.


Termite is our default terminal. All information can be found on the archwiki or the github of termite.

Let me give you the most important information here:

Copy = CTRL + SHIFT + C

Paste = CTRL + SHIFT + V

CTRL + ALT + T = open termite

Super + Enter = open termite

CTRL + –       decrease font

CTRL + +     increase font

CTRL + =     standard font

We have added a lot of themes for termite. 79 themes when we wrote this article.


Even so you can create and search for more themes.


A great tip is the website

It will provide a certain flexibility because you can import and export settings of many terminals out there.

  • Alacritty
  • Chrome secure shell
  • Gnome Terminal
  • Guake
  • iTerm2
  • Konsole
  • Linux console
  • MinTTY
  • Putty
  • Simple terminal
  • Terminator
  • Termite
  • XFCE4 terminal
  • Xshell
  • Xresources

It has so many themes saved into the website and you can copy/paste them into your termite config and judge if you like that theme or not.