How to overcome an installation error due to an update coming from AUR

AUR or Arch User Repository does NOT contain applications.

What it contains are recipes how to make applications. Let us call them : ways to build a package or PKGBUILDs.

Every maintainer shares with us this ‘recipe’ on a voluntary basis without charge.

In this tutorial we see that spotify has released another version that will result in an error if we want to install it now dd. 25/11/2017.

What should you do?


Option 1

Relativate and wait till the maintainer updates the pkgbuild – It is the whatever solution. It will work in a few days…


Option 2

A more proactive approach is this one.

Go to the AUR website and check what other users or the maintainer have posted there.

If it has not been flagged out of date, please do so. You will need a login to do so. The maintainer will get a mail telling he/she should change the pkgbuild.

While we wait for the maintainer to take action, you can take action and install spotify anyway.

Error or no error we will install the latest version of Spotify.

Follow the video to fix this issue coming from an update and because there is a bad url reference.

Failure while downloading error

I did not do a sha256sums for the 32 bits! If you need that one, you should download that file and make it.