How to set up variety with the use of desktoppr and dropbox

This tutorial is about Variety. I am going to show my personal settings and how I use to improve my workflow to keep the best wallpapers in one place i.e. dropbox.

Get yourself a dropbox account. Installing dropbox is explained in this article.

Then create an account on

Afterwards you can just click on the cloud icon and you will save that wallpaper to your dropbox folder. But any wallpaper you put in that folder will also be synced to It goes in two ways. Sharing is caring. All my wallpapers are on here for anyone to use.

We go over the settings of variety and see where my wallpapers are.

I worked so long on ArchLabs that it will take me some time to say ArchMerge all the time. Bear with me on that. I mean each time ArchMerge. It is hardwired into me. Need deprogramming.


Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember

SUPER + T … CTRL + ALT+ T … Super + Enter

Launch your terminal