How to tweak your neofetch config and use the small ArcoLinux Ascii Logo

In order to learn about any application you can search online and google your way to answers.

BUT FIRST check your system.

man neofetch

neofetch –helpĀ 

I will type those two commands for any command on linux and see if it gives me the answers I want.

It depends on the developer IF he supplies you with more info about his app.

We learn in “neofetch –help” that we can use different logo’s.

We were looking for the smaller ArcoLinux ascii logo.

neofetch –ascii_distro arcolinux_small

Changing the content of the neofetch output can be done via editing this file.


We used the following commands to get to this screenshot underneath :

neofetch --ascii_distro ubuntu
neofetch --ascii_distro archlinux
neofetch --ascii_distro fedora
neofetch --ascii_distro manjaro