In this article we will show you how easy it is to install ArcoLinux.

You can first try it out in virtualbox.

As a matter of fact it is fine-tuned to work smoothly on virtualbox.

You can also use it as a live-dvd. Testing it out without installing it.
The user login is liveuser and the password arcolinux.

We recommend using a USB to install ArcoLinux.More info here how to burn an iso to usb.

It takes 6 screens to install ArcoLinux and will take approx. 10 minutes to install on newer hardware.

Thanks to Calamares you will have a simple and clean graphical interface.

Choose in the installation screen of Calamares whether you want to autologin or not.

XFCE will be our standard desktop manager when you boot.

You can personalize your system even further with the help of this article


If you get stuck and you need more information about booting into bios/uefi, adding an SSD or more…

This tutorial goes from A till Z to install ArcoLinux. It starts with opening up your computer and adding a SSD to your motherboard.

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