Personal Perfection of ArcoLinux

Nemesis is just a name for a bunch of scripts. It is NOT a new distro.

After any ArcoLinux, ArcoLinuxD,  ArcoLinuxB or Arch Linux installation  you can run these scripts.

Scripts will vary over time. With each release we update the scripts.

What will these scripts install or do?

  • install more software from Arch repo
    1. discord
    2. screenfetch
  • install more software from AUR repo
    1. dropbox
    2. insync
    3. mpd-ncmpcpp
    4. numix-folders-git
    5. oxy-neon cursor
    6. radiotray
    7. sardi-extra-icons
    8. spotify
    9. virtualbox
  • install all the fonts needed for the conkies
  • run hardcode-fixer afterwards
  • Fix for the intel-microcode error

Then I will install my personal settings to my system. I find it very tedious to again and again do the same job after every new installation of ArcoLinux and I do a lot of reinstalls.

I will go inside the folder ‘Personal‘ and install/evaluate also those settings.

  • creation of missing folders
  • personal bookmarks added
  • gnome-screenshot to jpg
  • fixing firefox – unreadable fields when selecting dark theme
  • fixing icons for sublime text and simplescreenrecorder
  • installing all the fun applications for screenshots
  • better font and tearfree for INTEL graphical hardware (DO NOT INSTALL ON VIRTUALBOX)
  • specific plasma applications
If you installed script 800 by accident in VirtualBox, you need to delete the conf file again.
July 2018 it crashes your VirtualBox.
With Right CTRL + F2 you can go to a tty in Virtualbox. Type this command to delete it again

sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-monitor.conf
Change the scripts to your liking
and make them your scripts
These scripts will keep
changing over time