Installing W11 – dual boot with ArcoLinux and testing the three bootloaders – grub – systemd-boot – refind

The video discusses the complexities and challenges of dual-booting systems, particularly when combining Windows and Linux. We express a preference for using separate machines or at least separate hard drives for different operating systems, citing the potential issues that can arise with updates and partitioning when they share a single SSD. Despite these reservations, we acknowledge that we have created tutorials on dual-booting and plan to make more, utilizing tools like systemd-boot and rEFInd.

We go through a detailed demonstration of setting up a dual-boot system using a virtual machine, examining disk management and partition structures, and adjusting system settings. Throughout the video, we intermittently address potential problems and emphasize the temporary and experimental nature of our setup.

Ultimately, the video serves as a practical guide to setting up a dual-boot system while highlighting the inherent risks and complexities, suggesting that while possible, dual-booting can lead to complications over time. The content ends with a commitment to share more information on dual-booting on our website, reflecting an ongoing exploration of the topic despite our personal reservations about its long-term viability.