Make your very own get-started script to setup your system after a clean install

Workflow after any clean install of
ArcoLinux or Arch Linux

no time to waste

let linux work for us

run and walk away

improve script with every clean install

My files are kept online in the cloud. There are many cloud services you can use. I am using google drive for my backup.

The scripts I use are in a folder that I then zipped into a tar.gz file. In my gdrive I will select this tar.gz and I will make a share for everyone to download. This will result in a very long and complex url.

Then I will make a account and use the service to shorten this long url. Note the url might break later on.

This url is just an example. You should make your own get-started scripts and make your own url so you can install your scripts and settings. You can reuse my code to get your work done faster.

Over the years the numbers will increase
the name will stay the same
follow Social Media
we will communicate
like this

what is new

When we compare with the videos about nemesis then there are a few new scripts.

We added a script to add applications to the autostart folder like Discord, Telegram, Whatsie, … to the autostart folder.

We changed the Telegram tray icon from blue to white.

We have added the scripts from Nemesis to the path. Now we can start any of the Nemesis scripts straight from the terminal.

We have added a script to shutdown or reboot after a few seconds rather than 90 seconds.

to get
all the ArcoLinuxD githubs
all the ArcoLinuxB githubs in