Neofetch update 7.0 can show more information – bupskel and ArcoLinux Tweak Tool

Content of the video

  • we no longer have the ArcoLinux version in neofetch
  • we learn why bupskel can be interesting
  • do a bupskel before and after the update and then do a meld with these two new folders
  • first do a skel to get the new config in your home directory
  • or only copy/paste over the content of 
  • new : memory expressed in percentage
  • new : show de version
  • new : used disk in percentage
  • we show you how to display the logo of another distro with neofetch –ascii_distro …
  • we show you the difference between the three neofetch files in ~/.config/neofetch
  • sysinfo still shows your ArcoLinux version
  • cat /etc/lsb-release will also show your version
  • we will show you how to use a logo