New feature called Conky Toggle

Conky toggle does exactly what the name suggests.

With this application (see menu ) you can either show or hide the conky or conkies of your choice.

For our convenience we have made a keyboard shortcut for it.

Super + c

The shortcut will work on Xfce and Openbox.

Since it is our vision conkies are not necessary on tiling window managers there will be no keyboard shortcut on awesome, bspwm, i3, qtile, xmonad and any future tiling window managers.

Let us roll it  out on ArcoLinux iso and see whether we miss it on other desktops of ArcoLinuxB. A keyboard shortcut is super easy to make yourself.

Point to the application conky-toggle for a custom keyboard shortcut.

Getting the update in then do a skel afterwards and FIRST REBOOT.


In the video you will see that i3 has a working keyboard shortcut. I was testing it out what it would like on i3 and I do not care for it . Therefor the keyboard shortcut is not working out of the box. The code however is still in there if you wish to use it anyway. Search for conky-toggle in the i3 config.