We have installed ArcoLinux and rebooted. We selected to autologin so we end up in the Xfce desktop environment.

We will show you how to fix the icons so they ALL follow the Sardi Mono Colora theme. Everytime  there is a new update of these 6 applications the icon (or more) will be broken again. You need to rerun the script. Since ArcoLinux 6.8 we have an icon in the Xfce settings to fix this.

sudo hardcode-fixer

We can move the plank to the top or bottom and change the look.

Variety can help you to change the wallpaper.

Xfce settings manager is shown.

We activate conky’s.

Set your own preferences.


Then we will go over to Openbox.

Settings of applications will apply to the three desktop environments like the plank.

Right mouse click on the desktop to get to the menu.

Conky chooser is available here as well.

Obmenu-generator will make menu’s on the fly with or without icons.

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts or keybinds. Check them out.


Last desktop environment is i3.

You need to read the ~/.config/i3/config and try out the shortcuts in there.

Any tutorial about i3 on any distro will help you. i3 is distro-independent. My config of i3 moves around on different distro’s.

TIP : Use the Nemesis scripts to personalize your system even further

After a clean install of ArcoLinux I will install even more software via scripts from my personal github. You can reuse my work by downloading them or forking the github. Change the scripts to make it your own personal installation.

Install all the fonts you will need for the conky’s.

Like dropbox, gradio, insync, radiotray, screenfetch, spotify, virtualbox and fun stuff.