Overview of pulseaudio volume control or pavucontrol – showcase music players and tips

Use a symbolic link to your music library

Pavucontrol or Pulseaudio Volume Control is a word to remember.

Scan/read through the arch wiki.

The focus of the video is pavucontrol. Pavucontrol stands for Pulse Audio Volume Control. We need to set the channels just right to enjoy our music and videos.

CTRL + ALT + U is your keyboard shortcut.

You install it with pacman, if you are on Arch Linux.
ArcoLinux will have it always on board.

Depending on your hardware you need to set the devices and their channels the right way.

I will be muting some of the devices to make my life easier.

The bluetooth headset of Bose will be automatically set IF I switch it on. A script on the ArcoLinux-Nemesis github is taking care of that.

If Pavucontrol is set the right way, you can start experimenting with music players.

We try out Spotify.

We try out Youtube.

You can find your music players via

  • software update
  • pamac-aur

We try out Pragha.

We show you a GOLDEN TIP – use symlinks.

We show you how to create a symlink and pragha will use it to scan its library.

We try out ncmpcpp.

We try out mpv player.

We try out radio tray.

We try out curseradio.

Xmonad, Polybar, pavucontrol
and volumeicon 

Tip :

Volumeicon is an interesting application to install on tiling window managers. It works independently from any desktop and it has many interesting options.

Install it with pacman.

sudo pacman -S volumeicon

You can get to pavucontrol with a right mouse click on the icon.