Learning phase 1

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ArcoLinux Core Info
ArcoLinux Fast Track


You have downloaded the ArcoLinux iso. Now you can install ArcoLinux either on a virtual machine or on an SSD.

We recommend clicking on “Start here” and working your way down the menu.

Use the search or listing page to look for specific items. Or simply explore the website.

On you will find articles about Xfce, Openbox and i3 as well as general Linux topics. provides more information on Xfce, Openbox and i3. The other desktops are ONLY documented on

“Any desktop” articles means they apply to all the desktops.

If you want to build your own ArcoLinuxB iso, then you go to

Installing Arch Linux or Phase 5 in our learning path can be found on

To learn how to build your own distro from scratch go to the Carli project on


burn to usb



How to automount a harddisk after booting up

How to automount a harddisk after booting up

To find a solution to an issue, it is important to know the terminology.Search for "Arch Linux automount harddisk" and you will get lots of hits.One of them is the fstab from Arch Linux wiki. that page there is a part about...