Polybar configuration in more detail – general and openbox module

First we are going to take a look at the launch.sh file to start polybar.

If you are on ArchMerge 6.3.1 awesome font is installed. You only need to install polybar.

If you are on ArchMergeD you need to install them both

yaourt -S polybar awesome-terminal-fonts

You can find nice awesome font icons for your configuration on this website.


We explain what happens in the launch.sh and why it is there and what it does.

Note : killall -q — q does not stand for quit  but quiet. A quick ‘man killall’ in the terminal tells us that.

You can also have a second polybar in your openbox too. That is now hashtagged out.

Then we take a look at the config file and advice you to go and read/bookmark this website for more info about your polybar configuration: https://github.com/jaagr/polybar/wiki

We go into the general settings and into the mainbar-openbox and discuss some of the more interesting elements.

Modules-left, modules-center and modules-right will be edited the most. You define what modules you want to see in those lines.

Then we activate the mainbar-openbox-extra and launch it so we have 2 polybars.