Rotate between conkies with a keyboard shortcut

Use our new script am-rotate-conky to quickly change the conky to the one you fancy today.

We have set the keyboard shortcut to 

CTRL + ALT + Pagedown for the previous conky

CTRL + ALT + Pageup for the next conky

At the time of writing (Mid July 2019) only the following desktops have this new keyboard shortcut.

  • Xfce
  • Openbox

That means that ArcoLinuxD Xfce and Openbox have it.
That means that all ArcoLinuxB Xfce and Openbox have it.

In the video we go into the more technical details of am-rotate-conky.

Creating your own keyboard shortcuts can be done in the other desktops.
Point the keyboard shortcut either to 

am-rotate-conky – p


am-rotate-conky -n