There are lots of more tutorials about updating. There is even two playlists on Youtube just about updating. Watching these videos will learn you how to manage your operating system.

Here we just want to update and get on with our work.

These commands have been used one after the other.

update – ArcoLinux packages, third-party packages build for ArcoLinux and Arch Linux packages

skel – copy/pasting /etc/skel content to your home directory

cb – copy/pasting content from .bashrc-latest to .bashrc + making it work (source)

upall – updating all AUR packages – any package you installed additionally

For Arch Linux users


alias update='sudo pacman -Syyu'


alias skel='cp -Rf ~/.config ~/.config-backup-$(date +%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S) && cp -rf /etc/skel/* ~'


alias cb='sudo cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc'


alias upall='yay -Syu --noconfirm'

At start we used to have pksyua – upall had a better ring to it. There is no difference.

another example of a super fast update