Technical information about mpd and ncmpcpp – installation script explained

Open up the following resources.

We have downloaded one of the githubs of ArchMergeD to find the installation script of mpd and ncmpcpp.

git clone

Then you install the following script from the AUR folder

 Tip: Atom – click on the small arrow at the left middle to get rid of the sidebar.

We check out all the important files installed by this script and learn how to script.

Put some songs in your ~/Music folder to test it out. If your music folder is named different because of the language you have choosen then you will need to change that in the two config files.

Use symlinks to point to your external harddrive

ncmpcpp config file

Do not display message at top right : Volume : n/a

display_volume_level = no

Start up with visualizer active

startup_slave_screen = "visualizer"

Change the icons used for visualizer

#visualizer_look = ●▮


visualizer_look = 

These icons come from awesome fonts installed on your system and to be copy/pasted from here.

Change the colors of the songs displayed

#song_columns_list_format = (20)[]{a} (6f)[green]{NE} (50)[white]{t|f:Title} (20)[cyan]{b} (7f)[magenta]{l}


song_columns_list_format = (20)[]{a} (6f)[red]{NE} (50)[white]{t|f:Title} (20)[white]{b} (7f)[red]{l}

Current song has a yellow background when selected – change to red

#current_item_prefix = $(yellow)$r


current_item_prefix = $(red)$r