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  • WPS Office

Where to find the information/software

Let us use scripts for our next installation 


Libreoffice German
skel, bupskel and cb

theming of libreoffice

grammar check

change script to your language

Libreoffice extensions

When you type yay libreoffice  or yay libreoffice extensions you will notice that there is a lot of support for this package.

Here we list what users give us as tips: 


Papirus theme for LibreOffice

Got more tips, let us know.



A learning process can be very personal. Here is what I do with any new application out there.

  1. visit the Arch Wiki
  2. check AUR with yay
  3. google the package name
  4. watch some youtube video’s
  5. google tips and tricks for that package
  6. google archlinux and the package name

All that I have learned about the installation packages will go inside a script so that next time my accumulated knowledge can be put to good use AGAIN. 

That is where I keep my scripts.

We have installed WPS Office on an Arch Linux Qtile. Because of Qtile the application will feel and look different from the non-window tiling managers like xfce. In this case we needed to know what the applications were called. They will be present in your start menu in other desktops.

This is another example of thinking out of the box. You can install it on ArcoLinux, ArcoLinuxD, ArcoLinuxB and any Arch based system. 

yay -S wps-office ttf-wps-fonts 

There is also a stable version of wps office

yay -S wps-office-stable

There is also a bin version of wps office (bin version tend to install faster)

yay -S wps-office-bin


If you select Arc theme instead of Arc-Dark the popup to save and open documents will look all white.

fixing the icons of wps office

Tips in this video

  1. hide the category in the xfce menu
  2. use the Fix Hardcoded Icons application to fix icons
  3. fix hardcoded path manually and refresh your cache
  4. report hardcoded paths on the foggalong github :