Like always some of the video’s contain more information than the title suggests.

I will add it to the text underneath.

use the magical button to set MBR/GPT
or show the harddisk again


FIxing issues


Using gparted to overcoming
installation issues

use wipefs to erase all partitions
and all formatting

use sgdisk to erase all partitons
and all formatting

use calamares in debugging mode
starting from the menu

starting calamares in debug mode
starting from the terminal

starting calamares in debugging mode
and make log file

Extra tip : how to post something



INFOrmation about Calamares


how does calamares start

Extra tip : where do you autostart
applications in XFCE

Talk from Adriaan de groot
developer of Calamares
overview of the system installer

how does calamares work
non technical

stopping and starting calamares
on ArcoLinuxb

stopping and starting calamares
on ArcoLinuxd

Extra tip : if calamares hangs
use super + Esc

sending a logfile to
without a browser

Extra tip : how does pacman work
where are its files

sending a log file to
with the hidden browsers


All about partitioning


MBR the easy way to partition

MBR with root partition and no swap

mbr root partition and swap

mbr with root, home and swap partition

mbr two harddisks one for root
and one for home


All about partitioning


efi installation with all possible options
root and home
root and home and swap


All about partitioning
MBR encryption


Mbr encryption the easy way
root and no swap


All about partitioning
EFI encryption


EFI easy encryption with no use of swap

EFI encryption manual setup with root and no swap


4 operating systems
on 1 harddisk



4 operating systems
on 1 harddisk
replacing one partition
with another OS



installing windows and then linux



changing the default boot
dual boot windows and then linux