The content of your bashrc is important and so is the alias cb or copy bashrc

.bashrc is a very important file in your linux system. 

The point at the start means it is hidden. You need to press CTRL + H on many filemanagers to show the hidden files/folders.

If you want to know much more about bash, you definitely need to read up on the Arch wiki.

ArcoLinux has a specific .bashrc-latest file. 

It contains the very last version of our bashrc. It is that content that will be used on a new ArcoLinux build.

In order for you to use the last changes (like a new alias), you need to copy/paste the content of .bashrc-latest into .bashrc.

And if you use skel to keep up-to-date you better change it also in /etc/skel else you will overwrite your .bashrc again in your home directory and get the old .bashrc.

The alias “cb” or copy bashrc is taking care of that. 

In the video we analyze the contents of our bashrc and show you what the alias ‘cb’ will do.

Two letters to ensure your .bashrc is the latest one.

If you have aliases of your own, put them in the .bashrc-personal. More info about that in this article.

The .bashrc-personal will never be overwritten.