The creation of ET-Arcolinux-Fofo-Lua conky coming from Etles team

We all go online and look all for the nicest conkies around. But then we need to incorporate them some how in our system.

We have found a nice conky to add to our ArcoLinux conky collection at

Requests or questions can be asked on deviantart.

This video will show you what to change in order for the conky to be fully functional on your system.

IF you could share your creations, that would be swell.

IF we like them we can add them to our conky collection for all to use.

General conky info

A conky will NEVER EVER work on all desktops.

There are just too much differences between all the different window managers.

It will also depend on the software you have installed.

There are two versions of the application called ‘conky’.

  1. version 1.9 and earlier – old syntax
  2. version 1.10 and higher  – new syntax – LUA (and old syntax)

We install the application conky-lua-archers (1.10) on ArcoLinux

Options to explore when encountering issues :

  • own_window_type = ‘desktop’,          # options are: normal/override/dock/desktop/panel
  • own_window_transparent = true,     # options are : true and false
  • own_window_argb_visual = true,     # options are : true and false
  • own_window_argb_value = 0,           # options are : 0-255

More information about conkies can be found here :

Arch wiki

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Conky github faq

Conky github user configs

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