The terminal is going to be our best friend

This applies to all desktop environments.

 ArchMerge chooses Termite as the standard terminal.

You can change that preference via Preferred Applications in the menu or looking for the application : exo-preferred-applications.

Our terminal is going to be our best friend. We use it so often in linux that we want to theme the colors. Out of the box you will get already a themed version of termite. Another tutorial will go into the theming.

Termite has 79 themes and you can make 790 more.

 The advantage and the disadvantage in Linux is choice. Choose your terminal :

  • termite – standard terminal for ArchMerge
  • terminator
  • terminix
  • sakura
  • uxterm
  • xterm
  • urxvt
  • xfce4-terminal
  • guake
  • yakuake
  • gnome-terminal
  • tilda
  • tilix
  • cool-retro-term (ArchMerge has this one – just for fun)

The list goes on. Just google on these words : best linux terminal.

Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember
SUPER + T … CTRL + ALT+ T … Super + Enter
Launch your terminal